Study visit of will help the participants to understand the concept of Inclusion in practice, to recognize the possibilities of E+ and ESC programs for Inclusion, to discuss the good examples and meet youth with experience of Inclusion in the land.

The main aim of the Study visit is to catch the attention of participants and explain how to work with inclusion in your organization, how to set up processes and assistance so that each organization could be inclusive to organize youth exchanges, youth festivals or taking care about volunteers, to show organizations how to prepare for being “IN” in the E+/ ESC program.

Join us, reflect, network & learn about professional practices and ways in which “inclusion topic” and youth work can be developed and apply these experiences to your reality. This Study visit is a unique opportunity to discover more about being “IN” relating to inclusion in Slovakia and how youth work plays a role in it.   

You will learn more about national best practises, national opportunities, and go deeper into mapping the opportunities. You will have the opportunity to get to know other NGOs and professionals from the fields of Erasmus+. The event aims to give you a local network and a support system to learn from and rely on when you need. You can identify common challenges and opportunities, as well you can learn how to tackle them.

You will discover new practises that you can share with your colleagues in your organisation.

The event will offer and share with you:       

  • different models of inclusion
    • natural support of inclusion
    • volunteering in the organizations
    • ideas of creating new opportunities for inclusion
    • how the programmes Erasmus+ & ESC can be used as a tool for
    • examples of good practice supporting a target group of youth with disadvantage
    • additional funding for this group and how to access it

Dates: 19 – 23 September 2021

Country: Slovak Republic

Application Deadline: 23 August 2021

More information, as well as the online application form can be found at