MotivAction is 5 days TC for social actors as the driving force in the youth sector to gain practical competences for exploring the motivation process. The training gives the skills, knowledge and attitude to raise the level of sense of initiative among young people, including NEETs and young people with fewer opportunities on local and European level.


The main goal of the course is to gain practical competences to create new youth initiatives and to support social actors, as the driving force in raising the level of Youth Initiative among young people on local and European level. The added value of this training will be gained through increasing the level of motivation and self-initiative among the participants.


During this training the participants develop their reflection process on the self-motivation successful stories and on how to increase local youth initiatives. The participants will work with a tool to increase the awareness of what intrigues us to be and to stay motivated by in- and outside triggers. Through self-reflection instruments the social actors can better define the different angles of the motivation and use it in their work process with the young people. The main question is how motivation can orient us, lead us to the stage of real action and how through self-reflection we can stay encouraged.


Social actors are:

  • A youth worker who support and collaborate actively with young people;
  • A teacher who is interested to empower their student and develop their competence
  • A youth leader who can encourage young people to be active;
  • A holder of experience and inspiration needed to involve young people into something meaningful and beneficial for the society;
  • An educator, familiar with needs and lifestyles of young people in the local community;
  • Anyone who can help young people to develop their own taste, form their opinion on important social and cultural issues and define their life values


  • To be able to recognize and support creative and innovative youth initiatives in their local organizations
  • To explore the borders / edges of the word “motivation”.
  • To make a “cheat sheet” on what is needed to stay motivated and the issue of procrastination
  • To use self-reflection instruments as a source for cooperation, quality, inclusion in the local social community
  • To equip social actors with practical tools (brainstorming, time management, break even and more) to continuously support youth participation and enable them to exchange their successful stories;
  • To support them to define international and transnational youth projects answering needs of the young people in their local societies

Dates: 20 – 26 September 2021

Country: Bulgaria

Application Deadline: 20 August 2021

More information as well as the online application from can be found at