How to support learning and employment throughout the growing up of young people? Join the cross-sectoral seminar to see good practices of guidance and support of pupils, students and young people throughout their development and see its possibilities.

Themes and goals of the event

The seminar’s programme brings together different aspects of guidance. International high-quality research reminds us of the importance of career guidance in lifelong learning and presents the development of guidance services internationally.

The programme also highlights the high-quality practices of formal and non-formal guidance operating in Finland, from basic education to higher education, not forgetting the familiarization with working life and working life services. The aim of the seminar is to create open interaction and discussion and, last but not least, to provide a platform for building new networks.

Youth workers, youth information workers and workers in relevant NGOs can also see examples on how non-formal sector can support the formal sector in the guidance work.

Target group

Professionals interested in life-long guidance who work closely with guidance and counselling of pupils, students and young people on youth sector.


Dates: 26 – 29 September 2021

Application Deadline: 16 June 2021

More information, as well as the online application form can be found at