After the first edition of the European Academy on Youth Work (EAYW) in 2019, the network of the Erasmus+: Youth National Agencies of the South took the decision to invest in a preparatory process that would support and strengthen the quality participation of youth workers from Southern countries, in the second edition of EAYW in November 2021.

The new activity promoted by the South NAs network aims

  • to make a specific focus on youth work, the role of the youth worker and possible common educational policies in the South countries
  • to converge towards a coordinated effort to bring the South educational approach into pan European events on youth work
  • to prepare a content-wise contribution to the 2nd edition of the European Academy on Youth Work


Innovation is a crucial component of youth work. Flexibility, continuous analysis of practice and adaptation ability of the youth workers are the bases for the development of their competences and professionalism. Socio-educational context, professional framework and competences development, and structures supporting youth work are elements that can influence, accelerate or slow down, enrich or hinder the evolution of youth work. These contextual elements in Europe can differ greatly from country to country and between regions.

Assuming that innovation is not only determined by these elements, but it is also influenced/characterised by cultural factors, which of them are specific for Southern countries?

The Outreach of South Youth Workers (OSYW) will be a unique opportunity to engage 50 youth workers, trainers, researchers and youth policy makers from Southern countries to focus on this question. To investigate through a participatory process if it is possible to outline a set of peculiarities and conditions that can be called South Factor.

OSYW’s aim

Contributing to strengthen the role (in terms of acknowledgement and competences) of youth workers from the Southern countries, developing synergies with stakeholders outside the youth sector, as well as preparing a content-wise contribution to the second edition of the European Academy on Youth Work.

OSYW’s objectives

  • Identify common needs, current trends and policies relating to the role of youth work and the role of youth workers in the Southern region
  • Exchange experiences and explore innovative approaches on the role of the youth worker in the Southern region as to support the development of quality youth work
  • Foster the capacity of youth workers in the Southern region to identify and introduce innovative elements in their youth work practice
  • Collect elements in view to prepare a contribution to the European Academy on Youth Work

Dates: 12 – 16 July 2021, online

Application Deadline: 8 June 2021

More information as well as the online application form can be found at