The National Agencies of Italy, Croatia, Estonia, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain, starting from young people need to express their opinions and ideas through digital tools, which are becoming more and more important for human interactions, propose an activity, with the main aim of listening and connecting young people all around Europe, through the creation of a European network of digital radio. This will also comply the need to develop and support continuous participation processes, still quite consistent with the European values and Programmes.

In this perspective, a long-term activity has been conceived and planned with the relevant aims of giving voice to young people, strengthening their sense of participation and providing dedicated spaces, in order to support their personal and cultural development. The main tool to work on these aims will be a peer-learning exercise on digital youth work and communication.

The long-term activity has been planned in two phases:

  • a Training course, already realized on line last April 2021
  • a PBA (Partnership Building Activity) in presence, from the 13th to the 16th of October 2021

Specific objectives of the PBA:

  • Providing space to share, co-create and develop new ideas, approaches, practices of participation;
  • Supporting partnerships building to foster the setting up of new projects within Erasmus+ and ESC;
  • Creating action plans or follow up ideas regarding concrete projects/actions to implement a European Network of digital radios;
  • Giving space and tools for make European Network of digital radios real and concrete;
  • Sharing opportunities and information on existing networks, acting as ambassadors and reporters of European values, such as Europeers and Positive Role Models, in order to contribute at the European Youth Community;
  • Creating a “participation environment” where principles, values and common understanding of youth participation processes can be shared, spread and used;

TARGET GROUPS: The activity is addressed to any adult participant (+18) with a clear job or voluntary experience in a digital radio, working with and for young people possibly belonging to the following categories:

  1. Youth workers active in different realities, as youth clubs/centres, or in participation projects for young people already experienced with digital radios;
  2. Digital radios working with and for young people, at every level, from local to regional,
  3. Students (from Universities or High Schools) engaged with projects using radio as a tool to express their needs;
  4. Members of National Youth Councils, regional and local youth councils, already experienced with digital radios;
  5. Members of youth movements already experienced with digital radios.

Dates: 13-16 October 2021

Country: Italy

Application Deadline: 10 September 2021

More information, as well as the online application form can be found at